Our iconic on-the-go noodle box is designed for students, shoppers, and speedy office lunches. Ideal for people on the move, YoYo Noodle offers fresh food, fast enough to fit around your busy lifestyle. Eat in or take some away today!

You’ll feel the heat as our highly-trained chefs prepare your food on a sizzling wok range before your eyes. We’ve brought together the very best in Asian and Oriental flavours, and made it faster, fresher, and better than ever.

Our easy A, B, C system lets you combine the freshest top ingredients along with our secret recipe sauces for a different dish every time!

What’s your favourite YoYo Noodle?

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The YoYo Noodle Bar UK Franchises offer Fresh, Fast & Noodilicious ingredients woked up in minutes. Best new fast food franchise on the market. Low investment, low start up cost and set up, low risk, fast return on investment (R.O.I.) tried and tested easy A,B,C system  be your own boss and become a business owner. Take action now, grab this opportunity today and join our passionate and innovative team at YoYo Noodle and make money during the recession nation.

Learn how to franchise with YoYo Noodles excellent proven system. We have franchise businesses for sale that use the method that is a hit with customers.

There are many successful Asian and oriental restaurants such as Wagamamas and Neds noodles but there is no clear market leader in the fast food niche. We have a 5 year plan to become the UK’s leading fast food franchise by expanding from London to Edinburgh. Wok this, chop that offer low investment takeaway opportunities however the YoYo Group has put the time in behind the scenes building solid foundations and stream line systems so our franchisees get the best quality for every penny they invest. We aspire to be the next successful fast food giant such as McDonalds, Burger King, KFC Chicken, Domines Deliveries, Pizza Hut, Subway Sandwiches and other healthy nutrition meals and online menus.

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